Project Designation: Bet on an innovative internationalization plan to attract new markets.

Project Code: CENTRO-02- 0752-FEDER- 022412

Main Objective: Increase the PME competitiveness

Intervention Region: CENTRO

Beneficiary Entity: PROJECTO 84, LDA

Date of Approval: 05-18-2017

Start date: 24-08- 2017

Conclusion Date: 20-08- 2019

Total Eligible Cost: 320.932,82€

Financial support from the European Union: 144.419,77€

Project Summary: The present Internationalization Plan foreseen in the application is fully in line with the expansion strategy of PROJECTO84 for new markets, decreasing centralization in Angola and Mozambique markets, increasing its diversification to other countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates / Dubai.

From this Internationalization Plan the promoter intends to export to a total of 9 different countries and increase the coverage and competitiveness of PROJECT 84 in the global Marketplace, decreasing the commercial dependence.

To achieve this internationalization strategy successfully will do various and diversified investments, which comprise different typologies in the areas of organizational innovation and marketing innovation, both the outbound and the innovative inbound techniques are directed to promote the internationalization of the Entity.